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Sometimes aging is a good thing...
Latest Works For Sale
  • Cornicopia
    Cornicopia Gracefully shaped Mesquite with multi-faceted interior.
  • Custer's Last Stand
    Custer's Last Stand We found the perfect natural opening to embed this Indian relic.
  • Eye of the Storm
    Eye of the Storm The grain of this unique piece swirls in such a way that the viewer seems to be looking through the eye of a cyclone.
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About Uprooted

Uprooted LogoSometimes aging is a good thing… Once upon a time we were long-forgotten Texas hardwood remains left to the ravages of time. Luckily, our artists recued us and restored our natural beauty through their creative skills. Some of us are even embellished with carefully placed semi-precious inlays, stones or antlers. Now, as one-of-a-kind sculptures, we are presented for your personal enjoyment or as a unique gift.

Preping MaterialsBetty Cottar and Linda Wilson are native Texans who have been friends for decades. They live and work in Montgomery County, Texas. While accompanying their husbands on hunting trips to South Texas, they discovered a natural beauty in the pieces of Mesquite wood found in various locations around the ranch. Their artistic endeavor to enhance what Mother Nature left behind has been a creative journey resulting in unique sculptures acquired by collectors of native Texas art.

Cottar and Wilson have had solo shows in Montgomery, The Woodlands and San Antonio, Texas. They have also completed custom commissioned pieces for corporations and philanthropic organizations across the country.

From our Portfolio
Since each of our pieces is totally "one of a kind", our available portfolio is ever changing. As work on a piece progresses through the many intricate stages, it usually "speaks" to us and the end result becomes a manifestation of its' natural beauty and individualism.
  • Bird in Flight
  • Exotica
  • Sculpture with Antler
  • Turquoise Detailed with Antler
  • Heart of the Matter
  • Wall Piece with Lapis
  • Sacred Ground
  • Groovy Baby
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